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The eye contour is the most fragile part of the face and to avoid irritations it has to be protected and moisturized.

Cotton pads saturated with eye make-up remover lotion. Effectively removes all make-up without irritating the eyes and the skin. For "normal" or waterproof make-up.

Key ingredients

Mineral oil, an effective makeup remover (including waterproof makeup).

Free from phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate and fragrance.

Vegan product

How To Use

Press a satured eye make-up remover pad lightly over lid and lashes and hold in place for a few seconds. Remove make-up with a single downward stroke without rubbing. If necessary, fold the pad in two (used side inside), to finish removing the make-up delicately from below the lashes and beneath the eye.

Precaution: Use a fresh pad for each eye and discard after use.

Note: Ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes. Does not contain any fragrance or colourant.

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