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Foot comfort and beauty require two types of care: daily care for immediate freshness and benefit, and a complete weekly pedicure for long-term maintenance.

SMOOTHING SCRUB CREAM FOR FEET contains a natural exfoliating powder which act as a light abrasive, leaving the skin of your feet soft and supple. Pleasantly scented.

Key ingredients

Hydrated Silica, a natural exfoliating powder, and a blend of softening and emollient esters.

Free from phthalates and sodium laureth sulfate.

Cruelty free product

How To Use

Apply with a circular massage over the entire foot, paying careful attention to the areas where callouses generally appear (heels, ball of foot). Rinse with warm water.

Most effective after a foot bath when callouses are pre-softened and can be sloughed off easily.

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